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Reykjavik, Iceland Photos

As I traveled throughout the old Norse world, again and again I found myself back in Reykjavik, the small capital of Iceland, as I transfered between planes and buses. I would not say I fell in love, but Reykjavik’s gritty fishing … Continue reading

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More Greenland Photos Posted

I think I saved the best of Greenland for last. I loved my stay on the sheep farm of Inneruulalik – one night was not enough! My hosts Hendrine and Jørgen Lund were friendly and gracious and I learned much … Continue reading

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More Greenland Photos – Qassiarsuk

Wow, I’m fast today! Another batch of Greenland photos, this time from Qassiarsuk, home to the Norse ruins of Erik the Red’s settlement Brattahlið. For whatever reason, the slideshow has a mispelling in the name of Erik’s wife, Ϸjóðhildur, which … Continue reading

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Top of the World – Greenland

I am back to Iceland after a week of traversing SW Greenland. Back in the world of easy Internet access for the wayward traveler, with the wonders of Iceland before me, and all I long to do is hop a … Continue reading

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Glaciers and Norse Ruins

I am in a “pinch me” moment. Greenland is beyond my imaginings and that is saying something! This will be an extremely short post as everything is super expensive here, including Internet. But I just had to tell you about … Continue reading

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Researching to a Richer Travel Experience

In one week I board the plane for Iceland. My personal countdown is nearing its end. So how can you read my excitement? Am I bouncing around unable to sit still? Speed talking to everyone I encounter about my plans, … Continue reading

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Gdansk Guide Posted & Countdown to Iceland Begins

I have rounded off my guide to Poland with a new city guide for Gdansk, a little-visited city on the Baltic coast of Poland that was one of my favorite discoveries of my journey through Eastern Europe. The new guide … Continue reading

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