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Taming the Worry Gene

It’s the final stretch before I fly to Iceland. Call it the inevitable before any extended vacation, but somehow the last couple of weeks before a trip my to-do list always grows exponentially and inexplicably. First there are the must-dos … Continue reading

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Allowing “Silence” in a Travel Itinerary

I am currently immersed in my favorite part of planning a trip – the jigsaw puzzle of deciding where I want to go, how to fit together my itinerary, and deciding how long to stay in any one location. My … Continue reading

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Changing Plans

It is official. We are changing our travel plans for 2011. Some of you already know how excited I was to visit New Zealand in the fall of 2011. Mark and I were going to make a month-long odyssey to … Continue reading

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Traveling with Chronic Health Conditions

Fresh off our holiday excursion in Portland and Seattle, I am once again struck by how much extra thought and planning goes into traveling when you have a chronic medical condition. In our case, we deal with not one, but … Continue reading

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The Countdown

I am now in that stage before a major trip, what I call the NASA phenomenon, where I experience pure joy and excitement from the simple act of the countdown. For every big moment and journey in my life, I have … Continue reading

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The Final Stretch

Less than a month to go until my flight to Eastern Europe! The excitement is starting to seep in and balance out nervousness that I’ve been experiencing. It’s a minor panic. I have allowed self-doubt to creep into my enthusiasm. … Continue reading

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Emerging from Flare

I have spent the past week emerging from a grueling and frustrating fibro flare. There is nothing so debilitating for me than a “flare”, in which all the systems within my body are affected, from my foggy brain all the … Continue reading

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