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Travel Wisdom of a Fibromite: My “13 Cardinal Rules”

I have fibromyalgia. That is my unavoidable reality. I also hunger for travel and cannot imagine life without poking around in distant corners of the globe. So when I was diagnosed, to battle my plummeting self-esteem, I threw myself into … Continue reading

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Montreal and the Baltics – Here I Come!

Maybe it’s the reappearance of the sun, the blush of dawn that awakens me earlier and earlier each morning with unspoken promise, or the daffodils suddenly swaying in the garden to the crisp bite of the wind, but I am … Continue reading

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Lessons in Sane Living (An Ode to Fibromyalgia and the Faroe Islands)

Life is speeding up, a wind-up carousel spinning faster and faster. People brush past me at various speeds, some only a step quicker, others a blur of motion. But everyone is scurrying on and my feet drag through an ever-thickening … Continue reading

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Lessons in Irony – Greenland, Iceland and the Faroes with Fibromyalgia

Irony walks arm in arm with fibromyalgia. I find myself amazed at what I can accomplish, tasks and adventures that sound impossible in the face of fibro pain and fatigue, and shaking my head at the simple activities that flummox me … Continue reading

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The A/C Challenge

It’s hot in Wisconsin. I mean HOT. Stifling, suffocating, saran-warp clinging clothes, hazy, skin-crawling HOT. I just want to lie on the floor and cease to exist until a major storm front rolls through and whisks this numbingly awful heat away. … Continue reading

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That Stubborn Mule Called Fibromyalgia

Every morning commences an epic personal battle. To the outside observer, it may seem nonexistent, inconsequential, even laughable. The daily hurdle I face is one most people leap over without a second thought beyond the usual groans of having to leave … Continue reading

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New Guide to Warsaw

After a month-long absence from blogging to concentrate on the political happenings in my state, as well as struggle with a flare of fibromyalgia symptoms, I am returning with my finally completed City Guide to Warsaw.  I spent a paltry … Continue reading

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Living in Wisconsin: A Protesting Crash Course

I apologize for my absence from blogging – my life has been hijacked by history. Namely, the political protests that have descended upon Madison, Wisconsin. You see, I happen to live in Wisconsin and I am one of those protestors, even … Continue reading

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Introducing a New Feature

I decided to start the new year by completely revamping my blog. So today I roll out the changes by introducing a new section titled “City & Country Guides”. I have already experienced quite a bit of the world and … Continue reading

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