Qassiarsuk, Greenland

4 Responses to Qassiarsuk, Greenland

  1. Road Within says:

    Beautiful. It’s a bright day and the view is wonderul. You must have really enjoyed yourself.

  2. inretrospect21 says:

    Did they have any sheep’s milk cheese at the farm for you to try? And wow, that church is tiny, awesome shot of the longhouse though.

    • chronictraveler says:

      The sheep are raised usually for meat and sometimes for the wool, depending on the price of wool in Denmark. I had some fantastic lamb while in Greenland! And seafood. Dairy was mostly imported, at least in SW Greenland. The yogurt was often frozen to keep longer and inexpensive milk was G-milk, a type of milk that’s okay for several days at room temperature, but very watery and not very satisfying.

      Much of the Norse buildings started tiny because wood was so scarce! The Vikings had to import wood from Norway and even Vinland (North America).

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