Photo Gallery

Honeymoon: Pacific Northwest & British Columbia, Summer 2006

New York City: June 2007

Alaska: June 2008

Eastern Europe: Sep/Oct 2009

Pacific Northwest: June/July 2010

Chicago: Albums from various trips

Alaska: October 2010

Nevada: October 2010, includes Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire

Las Vegas: October 2010

Iceland, Greenland, & Faroe Islands: August-September 2011

Montreal, Canada: May 2012

Baltic States: July 2012, includes Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania

5 Responses to Photo Gallery

  1. Joanne and Milt Delforge says:

    We are enjoying your blog, photos etc. Will click on often to travel with you. Joanne

  2. Kimberly Suchla says:

    Hi Karina!
    I am happy to see you are having a fantastic time! Looking forward to reading more…
    XO – K

  3. Dad says:

    Great Photos. You are becoming as good a photographer as you are a writer. Keep it up and plan another venture. Soon, I hope.

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