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Guide to the Faroe Islands Posted

I dreamt in Faroese last night. Apparently my subconscious can hold a vigorous discussion while sipping a beer my tastebuds still yearn for. Whether my dream actually made any sense is questionable – my beginners Faroese is tragically lacking after … Continue reading

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Lessons in Sane Living (An Ode to Fibromyalgia and the Faroe Islands)

Life is speeding up, a wind-up carousel spinning faster and faster. People brush past me at various speeds, some only a step quicker, others a blur of motion. But everyone is scurrying on and my feet drag through an ever-thickening … Continue reading

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Photos of Northern Faroe Islands

My last installment of photos from my Norse world trip is now posted. Of all of my experiences in the Faroe Islands, my favorite moments came condensed into two exhilirating days when I ventured into the northernmost reaches of the Faroes. … Continue reading

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Coming Home to My Musical Muses

In a few hours I will begin a pilgrimage back to my writing roots, my breath mingling with raw excitement and anticipation in the frosty car as we drive south past fields already laced with snow. My legs will bounce with nervous … Continue reading

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Lessons in Irony – Greenland, Iceland and the Faroes with Fibromyalgia

Irony walks arm in arm with fibromyalgia. I find myself amazed at what I can accomplish, tasks and adventures that sound impossible in the face of fibro pain and fatigue, and shaking my head at the simple activities that flummox me … Continue reading

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An Acquaintance with the Foggy Soul of the Faroes

Faroes fog beguiles me. Soothes, transforms, dances, displays a bipolar emotional state that hypnotizes and draws me into its trance. I find my pen has unknown depths of poetry. Through the fog, I hear whispered traces of the Faroese soul. And what … Continue reading

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My Love Affair with the Faroes – Torshavn Photos Posted

I cannot begin to express why I am pulled towards the Faroe Islands. Is it the picturesque turf houses? Islands of pure mountain soaring out of the foggy Atlantic waters? The dancing, jesting, playful fog? Wistful music that embodies the … Continue reading

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