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A Fibromite Hikes the Grand Canyon

Today I hiked down into the Grand Canyon and back. This doesn’t sound all that extraordinary until you understand just how deep the canyon is (about a mile down), how far away the North Rim is (10 miles!), and how … Continue reading

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Sobering Reality & Elixir of a Travel Goal

Every now and then Reality likes to hit me over the head as I plug along in my surreal charmed life. I am no fool – I fully realize how lucky I am to be doing what I love, travelling … Continue reading

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Hurricane Ridge Hike – Photos Posted

I have never been a huge fan of the classic movie “Sound of Music.” It’s a fun, musical diversion around the holidays, but the opening scene of Maria twirling in the high mountain meadows full of light and song just … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound – All Aboard the Scenic Route!

Two weeks until the next adventure begins and I am oddly filled with trepidation. I shouldn’t be, really. After all, I am heading into the setting sun towards the cradle of my heart and soul, the lush and gloriously not … Continue reading

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Taking the Leap – Teaching in Thailand

I haven’t posted much lately. There is a huge, life-altering reason to this and I was waiting for the right moment to share it. That time is now. I will be teaching English in a rural mountain village in Thailand … Continue reading

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Skiing with Fibromyalgia (Oh, My Knees!)

My final dispatch from January’s trip to Jasper, Alberta, high in the Canadian Rockies. As I watch the rain mixed with snow turn my neighborhood into a slick mess, I long for the deep cold and fresh powder of Jasper. … Continue reading

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Piragua and maví – Handling the heat, Puerto Rican style

Extreme swings in temperature and climate don’t agree with me. Most people find any changes unpleasant – the chapped lips and dry skin of winter in the snowy north, the frizzy hair of the humid south – but fibromyalgia magnifies … Continue reading

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