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Santa Fe, New Mexico – An Historical and Cultural Brew

Sometimes I forget how young the United States really is. Traces of our historical past rarely go back more than one or two centuries, and those traces tend to congregate in the 13 colony pockets along the East Coast. But … Continue reading

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Face-off with the Cold War: Lithuania’s Plokstine Nuclear Missile Base

Today I peered deep into the bowels of nuclear abyss. I was born in the Cold War, a child of the eighties, and I distinctly remember watching the joyous destruction of East and West Germans as they tore down their … Continue reading

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An Estonian’s Highly Opinonated History Lesson

I’ve encountered a fascinating history lesson in the past week. Somehow I forgot that Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were once full-fledged members of the United Socialist Soviet Republics. Over and over I run into reminders, in the museums, the physical … Continue reading

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Montreal – Time-Meld of History and Culture

I am here, in the intoxicating mix that is new and old, New World Americas and Old World European. Real cobblestone streets, lined with bright, cascading flowers, threaten ankles young and old. Rough stone houses nestle beside soaring towers of … Continue reading

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A Mecca for Aircraft and Space Enthusiasts

If you are an airplane buff, find yourself glued to The History Channel, or just enjoy chatting with story-telling veterans and you happen to be in Oregon, head straight to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Do not pass Go, do not … Continue reading

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Encounters with the Hoover Dam

My first sight of the Hoover Dam came as we boarded a raft for a trip down the Colorado River. To say I was enchanted by the dam is not an understatement. The smooth concave wall of concrete bore down … Continue reading

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Menagerie of Structures

I realize it has been almost 4 days since I last posted…my apologies! I have hopped and skipped from Gdansk to Warsaw to Prague, winding my way through the diverse historical sites and cities of Poland and the Czech Republic. … Continue reading

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