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Snowstorms and Bison along the Great Salt Lake

I arrived in Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon in the midst of a spring snowstorm. The transition from Moab was jarring. I walked along the main highway bisecting Moab, sipping my Wicked Brew coffee as the hot desert sun burned … Continue reading

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Valeri Goosebumps; Or Why I Lose My Voice in Portland

The morning after another Timbers match, my voice still hoarse and my legs aching from cheering, jumping, singing my football club to victory over Chivas, and I have concluded: Valeri Goosebumps should be a recognized medical condition. Not to mention … Continue reading

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Growing Up Soccer City, USA

Growing up in Portland, I took a lot for granted – choosing not to get a drivers license is rational, beach days mean a beat-up pair of shoes, jeans, and a sweatshirt as we throw the kite in the trunk, … Continue reading

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A Day in the Timbers Army – Photos Posted

I’ve uploaded a short photo slide show of the Portland/Seattle soccer match in Seattle from the perspective of the Timbers Army. To view the photos, click on the link below. The Timbers Army Invades Seattle: October 7, 2012

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Initiation into the Timbers Army, a Portland Rite of Passage

Two Sundays ago, bundled up in scarves of green, my chest emblazoned with roses, axes, and a corporate nod to Alaska Airlines, I joined a pilgrimage north, fueled by passion, hometown pride, and kegs of craft beer. One of hundreds … Continue reading

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The Real Montreal

If I have learned anything in 48 hours, it’s how genuinely and vivaciously Montreal lives at night. Last night, after a day of typical tourist fare (though typical neglects how magnificent the historic churches, mansions and museums are…), I set … Continue reading

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A David & Goliath Saga in the Faroes (or why I may never leave Torshavn)

To my wonderful, supportive and very much missed husband – if I do not show up at our door in a couple weeks as originally planned, a hint as to where you may find me. Sitting in a Torshavn cafe … Continue reading

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