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Bangkok and I – Reaching a Compromise

Bangkok wears me out. She is brash, loud, sour and chaotic. The sun is heavy and the air soiled. By the end of a morning of simple walking, my skin and eyes and feet cry for relief. She is that … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Puzzle Box – Photos of Bangkok

I’ve been laid up sick at home for the past couple of days – not exactly fun for me, but it has allowed me time to start sifting through my photos from Thailand. Some are absolutely gorgeous, others mundane, but … Continue reading

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Shophouses, Temples, and Public Transit – A Weekend in Bangkok

I stumbled across an unexpected sensory experience this morning, the kind no guidebook or group tour can script. I was walking the bustling street of Bangkok’s Thanon Tanao, a street lined with traditional shophouses, most grouped by type – all … Continue reading

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Sawutdee ka from Thailand!

I made it to Thailand! Thought everyone should know after 2 days of travel halfway around the globe. I actually wrote an entire post in the past 15 minutes, but in true Chronic Traveler fashion, I neglected to save a … Continue reading

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A Traditional Thai Wedding

It’s the one year anniversary of my college friends’ wedding and to celebrate, I am posting the photos of their elaborate wedding ceremony in Bangkok. I was honored to be invited to the family-only ceremony, and as one of the few Americans … Continue reading

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Bangkok, Here I Am!

I am here, in Thailand! And I have turned into a scary sweat monster. It pours off my back, slicks my legs, never leaves except after at least an hour in air-conditioning.  I drink copious amounts of water, four to … Continue reading

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