Washington, June 2010

4 Responses to Washington, June 2010

  1. freezmelady45 says:

    Wow, Washington is beautiful! I’ve forgotten it really has a lot to offer. Makes me want to go traveling when my husband retires (if I can handle the weather).

    • chronictraveler says:

      It really is a beautiful state – and I didn’t even make it to any of the islands or the Olympic Peninsula with it’s lush rainforest! The best time to travel to avoid rainy weather is summer, especially July. Lots of sun, moderte temps, really perfect!

  2. inretrospect21 says:

    I love Seattle, my brother’s lived there for the last ten years and I don’t get down there to visit him as much as I would like. Where you took the photo of the Washington State ferry is also where the passenger ferry the Victoria Clipper docks. I took the Clipper down last time I was in Seattle, it’s quite the experience.

    I love Pike Place Market, the seafood is just phenomenal. Did you try the Russian bakery when you were there? It’s to die for! Next time you’re in town, I’d also recommend checking out the Underground City..it’s something different and certainly I haven’t seen it in any other city I’ve visited.

    Lilian (http://inretrospect21.wordpress.com)

    • chronictraveler says:

      I have not tried the Russian bakary – next trip out! All the years I’ve gone, over and over, to Pike Place when visiting my family, and always find something I never knew was there! I last went on the Underground Tour when I was a kid with my family. Wonder how much has changed or stayed the same? That could make for an interesting theme – tourist attractions and their evolution over the years.

      Victoria and Vancouver – love them both, for very different reasons! You live in charmed places with really down-to-earth people. In Victoria I love to just stroll the neighborhoods, pop into pubs with locals and no tourists, journal on the quiet beaches. Favorite time to visit Vancouver is summer festival season – especially for Shakespeare on the Beach.

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