Inneruulalik & Igaliku, Greenland

2 Responses to Inneruulalik & Igaliku, Greenland

  1. inretrospect21 says:

    What’s species of bird is that on top of the rock in the fourth photo? And a drink with iceberg ice? Sounds cool! What are those white barrels in the fields? Photo 56 is an amazing view! The icebergs are beautiful, by the way…they must’ve been so amazing to see.

    • chronictraveler says:

      I could gaze at and write about icebergs forever! They look so solid but are constantly changing – melting, shifting, slowly floating on currents, cracking up into pieces without warning. Like a sculpture the creator is never satisfied with.

      The white lumps that look like marshmellows are rolled bales of grass that have been wrapped in plastic for safekeeping into the winter. The sheep farms cultivate and harvest grass to feed the sheep when they are shut up in barns during the harsh winters. I was there right in the middle of this harvesting, and it’s critical to keeping the sheep farm going.

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