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Montreal – Time-Meld of History and Culture

I am here, in the intoxicating mix that is new and old, New World Americas and Old World European. Real cobblestone streets, lined with bright, cascading flowers, threaten ankles young and old. Rough stone houses nestle beside soaring towers of … Continue reading

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Adventures in Backyard Tourism

In my pursuit of knowing the world, I forget to poke around in my own backyard. Sunday’s Death Cab for Cutie concert in my old haunt of Milwaukee, Wisconsin reminded me I should step out into the backyard a lot more. … Continue reading

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A Pilgrimage Concluded: The Paul Simon Concert

Sometimes fibromyalgia amazes me. I think I finally understand my body, my limitations and my rhythms, and then fibromyalgia sneaks up on my complacency and WHAM – I am flaring. This time only a minor flare, if four days of fatigue … Continue reading

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Coming Home to My Musical Muses

In a few hours I will begin a pilgrimage back to my writing roots, my breath mingling with raw excitement and anticipation in the frosty car as we drive south past fields already laced with snow. My legs will bounce with nervous … Continue reading

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Music, Literature, and a Play of Lights to Soothe the Wounded Soul

My Nordic journey is now complete. I have witnessed the Northern Lights, the shimmery green lights hanging above the Tjörnin Lake in central Reykjavík, as if to say, “Welcome back to Iceland!” This cheerful, colorful, almost flirtatious greeting as it … Continue reading

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A David & Goliath Saga in the Faroes (or why I may never leave Torshavn)

To my wonderful, supportive and very much missed husband – if I do not show up at our door in a couple weeks as originally planned, a hint as to where you may find me. Sitting in a Torshavn cafe … Continue reading

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Croatian Klapa – A Soulful Tradition

When I am feeling deadened by the toll of fibro on my body and weighed down by all the obligations of life, I fall back into the comfort and inspiration of music. Today, I broke my latest writer’s block with … Continue reading

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