Southwest Iceland

2 Responses to Southwest Iceland

  1. inretrospect21 says:

    Wow, moss that eats lava rock. Oh, I forgot to ask, what’s the exchange rate like between the US and Iceland? Iceland’s not under the Euro is it? The Kerio Crater might be the coolest venue for an outdoor concert that I’ve ever seen! Wow, a geyser eruption..that’s amazing! Black sand beaches look great..I’d love to walk on one, that’s for sure!

    I read your earlier reply to my comment re: whaling, and I have to say, I agree. My culture (the Chinese), historically speaking, isn’t always known for the most humane treatment of animals we consume for food either and some of it does have much more to do with historical and cultural pride. I say if you’re not feeding starving families with it, it may be time to leave that part of cultural pride in the past.

    • chronictraveler says:

      I count write an entire article about exchange rates!!!! Iceland’s kronur has historically been very strong against the US dollar. Until the global economic crisis, Iceland was just too expensive for me, since I like slower more in-depth travel – a quick, expensive long weekend is not for me. Before 2008, it was anywhere from 68 to 83 kronurs to the US dollar. After the kronur collapsed, it was 130 kornurs to the dollar, now it is 115 or so kronurs to the dollar. That’s about $9 to 1000 kronur. It’s still expensive when you think about how much you’re actually spending on that meal out or a hotel room, but the most affordable it’s ever been in my lifetime. To give you a measure, most meals out start at a minimum of 2500 kr – that’s about $22 for a burger, fries, and coke at a sit-down restaurant. Or if you want a beverage with your fish and chips. In the US I could get the same meal for $12 or less.

      Iceland is very worried about the collapse of their kronur, and are actively pursuing EU membership and a switch to the euro. The application process was starting in 2009 and while I was there, you could see signs of it in the works – for example, the EU fisheries inspection boat – a collassal gray ship sitting in Reykjavik’s harbor. This is not popular with everyone in Iceland -it’s hotly debated, but the politicians are moving forward on it.

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