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Thailand Bound Once More

Tomorrow morning I head once again to Thailand, starting from my local Valley Transit bus stop a block from my front door. As part of my growing awareness of how my movement around the planet impacts the very Earth I … Continue reading

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Chicago ComicCon & Misc Chicago Photos

I have finally gotten through and posted our photos from last weekend’s ComicCon in Chicago. It just a small selection of the best photos (and not surprisingly, a bit James Marsters-centric, though I tried to keep the album balanced and varied.) … Continue reading

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ComicCon Logistics & A Stroll Through Vancouver Chinatown Memory Lane

Now that I’ve had time to come down from the surreal cloud of excitement that I inhabited all weekend, I am reviewing my first ComicCon experience and some constructive criticism seems to be in order. Working for the past four … Continue reading

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ComicCon Reflections Part Deux

A long and uneventful drive back home from Chicago in a post-ComicCon haze, and I can say with conviction, this is not my last one. I am now addicted. Which is bizarre for me, really, since I do not do … Continue reading

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Pulling on my Geek Suit – Chicago ComicCon 2010

I am always astonished by how jumping outside of my comfort zone leads to so much I cannot possibly predict. That’s the magic of travel. Today I climbed into my inner geek suit, indulging a guilty pleasure passion for science … Continue reading

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Stepping into a new dimension

This weekend I will embark with my husband on a first. We will dive into the surreal and wacky world of science fiction/fantasy/superhero fandom. On Friday, we drive from our cookie-cutter suburban white-picket-fence dimension to the one that houses our … Continue reading

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