Pacific Northwest

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and still consider the Pacific Northwest home, so I find myself in this region quite often. As I make my pilgrimages back to the Northwest, I will post links to my photos of Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia here.

Honeymoon, August 2006: Port Townsend, Victoria, Vancouver & San Juan Islands.

Pacific Northwest, Summer 2010:

  • Washington State – Snohomish, Seattle waterfront, Pike Place Market
  • Vancouver, BC – Niece’s graduation trip with her auntie
  • Portland – summer heat wave, 4th of July, bridges, Portland Farmers Market
  • Oregon – Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, Trillium Lake, Oregon Coast

Portland, October weekend, 2011

Oregon, February 2012:

Pacific Northwest, October 2012:

  • Portland – autumn in the city, Classical Chinese Gardens, Willamette Riverwalk
  • A Day in the Timbers Army – Rivalry Match Portland Timbers v. Seattle Sounders in Seattle

Olympic National Park, July 2014:

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