Honeymoon, Summer 2006

4 Responses to Honeymoon, Summer 2006

  1. Serene says:

    Karina, somebody had a link on colddeadseed to your write-up, and lo and behold, I thought all these places sounded familiar from our talk last night! Nice to have met you and Mark.

  2. cooljacque says:

    Hi, I was the old lady sitting next to your husband at James’ BD party. I introduced you to Rosie and Amy Sue. So glad you had a good time. James is special isn’t he? Traveling all over, how wonderful that is. Wish I had been able to do things like that when I was young. Hope to see you again sometime in the future.
    Jacque Reilly

    • chronictraveler says:

      Hi Jacque! It was really wonderful meeting you and everyone else last weekend. I didn’t realize just how vibrant the world of James fandom can be – we’re looking forward to seeing everyone, and of course James himself!, in the future. I have a sneaking suspicion I will be coordinating some of my travel plans to *coincidentally* line up with a James-related event.

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