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Travel Health Experiments of a Fibromite

I experienced an unexpected blessing on my Baltics trip – the fibromyalgia monster within was tamed to a gentle kitten’s playful bite. Maybe it was all the walking? On average, I must have walked 5 or 6 hours a day, even with … Continue reading

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Daily Life – The Icelandic Way

Almost two weeks since I returned from Iceland. Back into routine. And still feeling healthier than when I left home weeks ago. I have slowly been figuring out how to incorporate the lessons of my Nordic adventure into my daily … Continue reading

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Restorative Powers of the Icelandic Sundlaug

Last night, in an attempt to ease the stress of the work week out of my tight and sore fibromite muscles with a mild back massage, my husband gently pressed in the middle of my back. I screamed. Um, hold up … Continue reading

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A crutch towards insight

Crutches are designed to be aides in movement. A tool of mobility for those unable to walk otherwise. The broken leg, the sprained ankle. Or in my case, the stress fracture. But these silver, ugly crutches of mine are also … Continue reading

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Gdansk Guide Posted & Countdown to Iceland Begins

I have rounded off my guide to Poland with a new city guide for Gdansk, a little-visited city on the Baltic coast of Poland that was one of my favorite discoveries of my journey through Eastern Europe. The new guide … Continue reading

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Living in Wisconsin: A Protesting Crash Course

I apologize for my absence from blogging – my life has been hijacked by history. Namely, the political protests that have descended upon Madison, Wisconsin. You see, I happen to live in Wisconsin and I am one of those protestors, even … Continue reading

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Allowing “Silence” in a Travel Itinerary

I am currently immersed in my favorite part of planning a trip – the jigsaw puzzle of deciding where I want to go, how to fit together my itinerary, and deciding how long to stay in any one location. My … Continue reading

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